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West Kingsdown Baptist Church

 Sunday Services - 10.30


Coming to Church? What to expect...

Visiting a church can seem a little strange if you are not used to the ways things are done or you don’t know the jargon. Even if you have attended a church before there are all kinds of churches and all kinds of ways of doing things and you may have questions about what to do. When do I stand up, sit down, pray? Will I know any of the songs? Will they collect money in the service? Do people have particular seats they sit in? Will anyone speak to me?

Hopefully this webpage will help you to understand what we do in our services. If you have further questions, then do write to us - wkbchurch@hotmail.com or ring the church 01474 852054. If you would find it helpful, we can arrange for someone to meet you when you arrive at the church. People visiting the area on holiday are very welcome, even if you only come to the church once.

The church has a ramp access for wheelchairs and we use a loop system for people with hearing difficulties.

Our Sunday Services start at 10.30am. It is good to arrive 5 or so minutes earlier so that you are settled in a seat before the service begins. When you arrive at the church there will be someone in the Atrium welcoming all the congregation and they will offer you a Bible to use during the service. If you don’t want to take a Bible, then it is fine to say ‘No’. You can sit in any seat you wish.

The service is a mix of worship songs, hymns, prayers and short talks. All the words of the songs are shown on a big screen at the front of the church. The songs may be familiar hymns or tunes that are easy to follow, so you will probably find you can sing along after hearing the tune a couple of times. Some of the prayers are said by the minister alone and sometimes the congregation join in by following words on the screen. Most Sundays there is an ‘open’ prayer time, where members of the congregation say a prayer of their own. Not everyone prays, so it is fine to listen and let those who are used to this contribute. Normally there is a short talk early in the service - designated the ‘young people’s talk’. This often involves some fun activity and may include a short video or youtube clip. There is a longer talk based on a Bible passage later in the service, once the small children have left for crèche.

A collection is taken during the service. This is our primary source of income for the church’s ministry and for donations to Christian charities that the church supports. For church members this is as much a part of our worship as singing and praying. We are keen to make it very clear that we do not want visitors to feel obliged to contribute and you can just let the collection bag pass by.

Communion is a special part of our services on the third Sunday in the month. This involves receiving a piece of bread and a very small glass of non-alcoholic wine, which are brought by servers to each person in the congregation, to eat and drink when the minister indicates. If you are unsure as to what this is all about, then please allow the servers to move on without taking the bread and wine. This is perfectly fine and you may see others doing the same. For visitors with children we are happy for parents to decide if they wish the children to take Communion. Normally, however, we prefer children to be baptized (or confirmed) before letting them take the bread and wine.

Cross and roof

Join us for a cup of tea or coffee in the church hall after the service. The church toilets are in the hall should you need them.

Finally... what are Baptists anyway? The Baptist denomination is a mainstream, Christian denomination. We share the same fundamental beliefs about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and central Christian doctrines with other Protestant churches, such as the Church of England. We do not, however, christen babies and young children - we baptize adults and young people who make a personal confession of faith - and each Baptist church is run independently. Many of our congregation have come from other denominations to join us and church membership is open to anyone who shares our basic Christian beliefs. What do we believe?


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West Kingsdown Baptist Church

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